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A new web-portal for e-Invoice Addresses of Finnish companies

TIEKE (Finnish Information Society Development Centre) is publishing a new web-portal for e-Invoice Addresses of Finnish companies. The new e-invoice address directory will be launched 2nd of  May 2018. The new directory in available, without log-in, from 16th of April 2018 at

PEPPOL guidelines

Basware has a big network, where there are several e-invoice operators like Basware connected directly with each other. In addition to this, Basware e-invoice senders and receivers are connected to the European PEPPOL-network. Please find below some guidelines how to activate this in your company - either as a sending and/or receiving invoices via PEPPOL.

Release-Related Documentation

In this section, you can find information about Basware Network. A new feature document is added in every release. The other pages are updated in every release.



Within this section, you'll find guidelines for customers and suppliers to get started with e-invoicing.

For customers: There is an article to help the customer to get started with onboarding their suppliers or customers to e-invoicing.

For suppliers: There is an article to help the suppliers using own service provider, to help them to get started with e-invoicing to Basware customers.

Basware PDF e-Invoice for Sending

Basware PDF e-Invoice is the easiest way to send e-invoices. PDF e-Invoice requires no integration or IT resources. Whether your emails are being generated by your billing system or being sent from a desktop, PDF e-Invoice converts them into e-invoices which are sent directly to your customers.

Where can I find a user manual about Basware PDF e-Invoice for Sending?

Please click on this link

New Homepage of Basware Network

Purpose of this article: Keep the Basware Network informed about the upcoming change

Target group of this article: All Users of Basware Network and Customers with sponsored solutions

Updates of this article: Weekly

Go-Live date with Homepage: 9th June 2016

Subscribe or Unsubscribe to Service Disruption Notification Lists

Basware is informing its customers about service disruptions & outages by sending out notifications by email. There are different lists for different services. Using the links below you can subscribe or unsubscribe to a list that is relevant for you. If you are in doubt which list to subscribe to, you can click on the product link or contact customer support

Basware (BT) Printing Customers

Basware Portal

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